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Who We Are

We are a company who provide multiple services related to photography & videography.

You are welcome to look through our portfolio to see examples of our work in various fields. Let's connect to produce something lovely if you connect with our approach and style. We would consider it an honour to share in your memorable occasion.

Whether it's your destination wedding or regular wedding, a lifestyle event, creative architecture (interiors), fashion shoots, or even your travel adventures, we would be glad to capture pictures of you. Additionally, we are accessible for product and portrait photography, and we have documentary filming experience. Together, let's make something incredible!

Sit back, relax and let Us do the magic

Top photographers

Only hire the best wedding photographers. Our rigorous vetting process accepts only 2 in 10.

Instant booking

Simply put in a date and pick a wedding package to have a pro photographer booked instantly.

Great customer service

Our unbeatable customer service team is always at hand to help and typically responds in 10 mins.

Fast delivery

Edited photos delivered to you within 60 days in a private gallery. Where you can choose your favourite one.


Our model brings great savings compared to market rates for wedding photography at this quality.

Editing included

Our skilled editing team uses latest techniques to enhance your wedding photos at no extra cost.

Meet With Our Founder

Prateek Raj

Founder & Director

Prateek Raj is an exceptionally talented and visionary photographer with a keen eye for capturing the beauty and essence of the world around us. With a passion for both wedding and documentary photography, Prateek has been able to create a diverse portfolio that showcases their versatility and unique perspective. Born and raised in a Uttarakhand, he developed an early fascination with photography, constantly capturing moments and stories through their lens. Their passion led them to pursue formal education in photography, where they honed their technical skills and further cultivated their artistic vision.

With a deep appreciation for wedding & events he often ventures into some famous wedding & events shoots , capturing breathtaking photos and the raw power of the beautiful world. Their ability to convey the mood and atmosphere through their photographs is truly captivating, transporting viewers to the very moment the image was taken.